8 draft mistakes that continue to haunt Broncos in 2024

The Denver Broncos unfortunately have no shortage of NFL Draft mistakes haunting them in 2024

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8. Drafting LB Drew Sanders (2023)

Alright, you can bring your torches and pitchforks at me for this one. I think the Broncos made a huge mistake taking Drew Sanders in 2023, and it's looking like they are realizing that as well.

Apparently, the Broncos are putting Sanders at the EDGE position permanently despite the fact that he was drafted to be a starting off-ball linebacker by 2024 next to Alex Singleton. Was Sanders that bad as an off-ball linebacker that the Broncos determined he couldn't stay there long-term?

The positive spin on this one is that the team obviously thought he looked too good off the edge to keep him there, but he played more than 200 defensive snaps last year and barely created any pressure.

When the Broncos took Drew Sanders, I am pretty sure I was sitting there on my couch imploring them not to take a linebacker, just in general. Not that I'm opposed to them taking guys at that position group, but the positional value -- even in early round three -- is simply not there unless you get the right player.

Sanders didn't have a true position coming out of high school. He was initially recruited to Oklahoma by Lincoln Riley to play a Mark Andrews type of role at tight end. He committed to Alabama, got stuck on the depth chart behind Will Anderson (understandable), and transferred to Arkansas where he was an All-American off-ball linebacker. The Broncos aren't keeping him on that trajectory for what reason?


It's not Drew Sanders' fault that this pick looks regrettable, it's apparently the Denver Broncos' fault. They now have a logjam off the edge of guys they've invested in (2nd-3rd round) who ultimately all look like the same type of player.

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