8 Broncos players (and coaches) that will not be back in 2024

Which Denver Broncos players and coaches will likely be gone in 2024?

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7. Tim Patrick, WR (at his current price)

These last two will come with some qualifiers, because I truly believe Tim Patrick will be back with the Denver Broncos in 2024...

...but not at his current price.

Tim Patrick is slated to account for over $16 million on next year's salary cap for the Broncos with around $6 million in dead money if he's cut. I think the most likely scenario is we see the Broncos and Tim Patrick rip up the final year of his deal, and maybe sign him to a less risky one-year pact.

But with a $16 million cap hit, there's no way Patrick is going to be back and rocking his new no. 12 with the Broncos absent a new contract.

8. Garett Bolles, OT (at his current price)

The Denver Broncos simply cannot justify the $20 million Garett Bolles is occupying on next year's salary cap. The veteran and former first-round pick has played pretty well in his first year with Sean Payton as the head coach, and I think the Broncos should work to bring him back.


But with the $20 million cap hit and just $4 million in dead money, a rookie left tackle sounds more and more appealing by the day.

The Broncos will likely try to work out an extension with Garett Bolles, but if a deal can't be reached, I don't expect his $20 million cap hit to remain in 2024.

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