8 Broncos players (and coaches) that will not be back in 2024

Which Denver Broncos players and coaches will likely be gone in 2024?

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3. Kareem Jackson, safety

Kareem Jackson is a free agent in 2024 for the Denver Broncos, and I think the team might do a slight reset of the safety position altogether next offseason. The Broncos planned on Caden Sterns taking over a starting role this year, but he was hurt early in the season and injuries have, unfortunately, blurred his future with the team as well.

Jackson stepped in as the starter but has gotten in a ton of trouble with the league. At the time of this writing, he's getting set to face his second of a two-game suspension from the NFL and he's had multiple other major fines besides that.

Jackson's longevity has been inspiring, but it might be time for the Broncos to move on after this season.

4. Vance Joseph, defensive coordinator

Although the Denver Broncos' defense has significantly turned things around in recent weeks, I can't say with certainty that Sean Payton will ignore the possibility to make a change in the offseason. We'll have to see how the remainder of 2023 goes.

Heck, if the Broncos continue performing well defensively, who's to say that Vance Joseph won't get a head coaching chance elsewhere? You never know, and that would be a heck of a story after his unit gave up 70 points against Miami.

Whether Joseph is replaced by a superior candidate or leaves to be a head coach, I think there are a couple of paths that could see him out of Denver in 2024.