7 winners (and 1 loser) from Broncos blowout Week 12 win over Browns

Biggest winners (and one loser) from the Denver Broncos' Week 12 win over Cleveland

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7. Samaje Perine - Winner

It might not be a hot take to say that each of the three Denver Broncos' running backs has taken his turn as the team's best running back at some point or another this season. For a bit there early in the season, it seemed like Jaleel McLaughlin was the best back on the team. Then Javonte Williams started taking over. Lately, it's been Samaje Perine.

Perine got it done as a receiver against the Vikings, and as a runner against the Cleveland Browns. His physical style of play really was a major advantage for the Broncos against a tough defense like Cleveland, and he wound up averaging 7.9 yards per carry.

His contributions have been clutch, timely, efficient, and there's no doubt he deserves more playing time and touches going forward.

8. Officiating - Loser

The officiating in this game was embarrassing although the Broncos also benefitted from it at times. The first pass interference penalty that pushed the Broncos downfield was a questionable call, but the officials made up for it with a trio of really bad calls that could have crippled the Broncos' chances of winning this game.

They called Courtland Sutton for holding on a play in which he actually had great/perfect technique, a penalty that wiped out Javonte Williams's biggest run of the game and one of the most well-executed plays offensively by the Broncos overall.

They called Sutton for offensive pass interference later in the game on another huge play that he made down the right sideline, and everyone had flashbacks to Sutton getting called for a similar penalty against the Chiefs once upon a time.


They also called Baron Browning for roughing the passer on a play where he seemingly did everything right. I'm not sure if this was a flag-happy officiating crew or if they were trying to make an example out of the Broncos, but they really whiffed on a number of calls and are hopefully held accountable for it.

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