7-round mock draft: Denver Broncos land multiple offensive skill positions

Could this become a home run draft class for the Denver Broncos?

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Round 3, Pick 81: Tez Walker, WR, North Carolina:

The Broncos decide not to make a move to get into the second round and wait until their next pick midway through the third round. While it is likely Payton will get the itch to trade up for a player in the second round considering the amount of talent he'll be watching fall, I think Denver will wait patiently knowing they already sacrificed draft capital a year ago for Payton and by moving up for their intended franchise quarterback in the first round.

North Carolina's Tez Walker will become an instant vertical threat for Payton's offense and will bring a component to the passing game that Denver currently does not have. Sure, Marvin Mims Jr. is waiting to emerge, however, the Broncos simply lack talent in their receiving room.

It is a good wide receiver draft and the Broncos will most likely attempt to get their hands on one of them on day two. Also, this selection will make a lot of sense due to the next trade in this mock draft.