7-round mock draft: Denver Broncos add two key offensive playmakers

Could the Denver Broncos pull off this draft class in April?

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Round 6, Pick 206: Quinton Newsome, CB, Nebraska:

The Broncos double-dip on the cornerback position in this mock draft with the selections of Ennis Rakestraw Jr. and Quinton Newsome. With safety Delarrin Turner-Yell having a disappointing season, Caden Sterns coming off a torn ACL, and Kareem Jackson signing with the Houston Texans, Denver's depth at the safety position has quickly gone from a strength to a weakness. Not to mention, Broncos third-year safety P.J. Locke is set to become an unrestricted free agent.

Newsome is considered to be a safety/cornerback hybrid and could be an intriguing addition to Vance Joseph's secondary in the sixth round. Newsome, 22, possesses quality speed and agility at defensive back and plays with a very physical playstyle -- a skillset Denver's secondary unit is missing. Newsome will most likely need a year or two to develop before he contributes an impactful role however, that should not be an issue anyway considering Joseph's hesitancy to play rookie defenders.

Round 7, Pick 246: Al Walcott Jr., S, Arkansas:

Yet again, the Broncos add to their secondary with the selection of Arkansas safety Al Walcott Jr. in the seventh round. Walcott Jr. is coming off an impressive four-year career in college in which he recorded 11 pass breakups, seven interceptions, 171 tackles, and two interceptions returned for touchdowns.


As previously mentioned, with Denver's thin depth at safety, it feels like almost a guarantee that the Broncos draft at least one safety in the later rounds of this year's NFL draft. Walcott Jr.'s impressive ball skills and size will make him an appealing prospect on day three.

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