7 realistic free agents Broncos could sign in 2024

Which free agents are "realistic" for the Denver Broncos to add in 2024?

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2. Sam Darnold, QB

Another player I think we could see the Denver Broncos look at in NFL Free Agency is quarterback Sam Darnold. Darnold is just 26 years old and was the 3rd overall pick in the Draft as recently as 2018. What's that? 2018 wasn't all that 'recent', you say?

Okay, that's a fair point. The 2018 NFL Draft was almost six years ago at this point, but I suppose it works to Darnold's benefit that he was 20 going on 21 during that process. Darnold spent this past year working with the 49ers and their brain trust of Kyle Shanahan and Brian Griese (as well as the Kubiak Brothers) in hopes of rehabbing his overall value.

Darnold was teammates with Broncos QBs coach Davis Webb for a while with the New York Jets, and Broncos WRs coach Keary Colbert knows Darnold well from his time on staff at USC. The opportunity and connections are there for Darnold with the Broncos.

3. Sheldon Rankins, DL

One of the more realistic defensive free agents I think on the table for the Denver Broncos this offseason is former New Orleans Saints first-round pick Sheldon Rankins.

Need I say more?

Rankins played well this past season for DeMeco Ryans with the Houston Texans, and could parlay that into a multi-year deal with a team like Denver, a team desperate for defensive line help. The fact that Rankins is a former Saints first-round pick is a major factor, but he's also just a good all-around player on the defensive line.