7 realistic free agents Broncos could sign in 2024

Which free agents are "realistic" for the Denver Broncos to add in 2024?

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Although the Denver Broncos aren't expected to be overly active (if at all) in the first wave of NFL Free Agency, it makes absolutely no sense for them to be out of free agency altogether. The Broncos will need to create salary cap space over the next handful of weeks in order to attack free agency with aggressiveness, but what kinds of moves could be considered within the realm of "realism" for this team?

As of right now, the Broncos are almost $26 million over the salary cap. Fans have heard about that, as well as GM George Paton's comments about not being in the first wave of free agency, and have taken that as the team won't be utilizing free agency unless players are willing to take the veteran minimum salary, signing for pennies on the dollar.

That simply won't be the case. The Broncos may not be signing guys in the $15M/year range, but they will be active. And they need to be. The Broncos simply don't have the available NFL Draft capital to sit on their hands in free agency. What kinds of players could you expect to see them sign? Let's look at what I believe to be some "realistic" potential targets.

1. Jameis Winston, QB

If the Denver Broncos move on from Russell Wilson in 2024, one of the more obvious potential "bridge" starters at the quarterback position is Jameis Winston, who has been with the New Orleans Saints for 2020. Winston has worked not only with Sean Payton, but just about every key member of the Denver Broncos' offensive coaching staff right now.

Payton, Pete Carmichael, Joe Lombardi...all of those guys know Jameis Winston very well. And Winston knows the offense. Those factors are extremely important. Not to mention, Winston -- 30 years old this season -- isn't likely to break the bank.

Hey, the Denver Broncos have never won a Super Bowl without a #1 pick at QB on the roster...

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