7 potential landing spots for Russell Wilson in 2024

Where will Russell Wilson play in 2024?

Russell Wilson
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7. Minnesota Vikings

Ultimately, I don’t think this one is the most realistic option that has been thrown out there, but it would be given a violent shove into the realm of realism if the Vikings and Kirk Cousins can’t agree to some sort of deal.

Kirk Cousins has gone on record as saying that he’s not looking for the biggest cash offer this offseason, but a deal that’s properly structured. Whatever that means. If the Vikings and Cousins can’t agree to a deal, I don’t think there’s any way they’re just going to sit on their hands going into the 2024 NFL Draft at the QB position.

Someone like Russell Wilson could be an interesting one-year proposition for a team like the Vikings, especially given the fact that he’s not supposed to cost all that much.

The question everyone has would be whether or not Russ can work well with a coach like Kevin O’Connell. I guess on the surface, I don’t see why not. That offense in Minnesota does a great job of helping the quarterback play to his strengths, rather than the QB having to operate the offense that plays to the coach’s strengths.


Ideally, you’re looking for the best of both worlds there, but the Vikings could have one of the better groups of skill players in the league, and that would undoubtedly be attractive to Russell Wilson if (or when) he hits the market.

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