7 potential landing spots for Russell Wilson in 2024

Where will Russell Wilson play in 2024?

Russell Wilson
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3. New York Giants

The New York Giants are one of the strangest teams in the league. They paid Daniel Jones way too much money last offseason, and now they’re kind of stuck in the bed they made. But Jones is coming off of a season-ending injury, and the Giants don’t really have the luxury of sitting around and waiting for him to become something he’s not.

Although Giants GM Joe Schoen and head coach Brian Daboll have no real connection to Russell Wilson, I think the fit in New York could be intriguing given the fact that Daboll has proven the can maximize talent at the quarterback position.

It might be an inexpensive way for the Giants to add a proven veteran at the position. Let’s be honest, the Tommy DeVitos of the world aren’t going to cut it for a franchise that expects to contend.

Even if Wilson would have to “compete” with Daniel Jones, this is the type of move that I think could get Giants ownership on board with a potential change at the position. Jones just isn’t a quality starter at the NFL level. I think Russell Wilson could prove to be the better option in New York, and rather comfortably at that.

Plus, you know Russ and his family would embrace the New York market.