7 moves still left for Broncos to make after the 2024 NFL Draft

What moves could the Denver Broncos still make?
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6. Sign EDGE Carl Lawson

Given what's available right now, Carl Lawson might be one of the best one-year dart throws left in NFL free agency. Over his first five years in the NFL, Lawson had 107 QB hits and an average of 7.0 sacks per 17 games.

Last year with the New York Jets, Lawson only played 100 snaps in six games. He was scarcely used and had a rare year with zero QB hits. What are the odds he could come out and be the guy who had 24 QB hits in 2022? 32 QB hits in 2020? 22 QB hits in 2019?

He's going to be 28 going on 29 this coming season and it's worth taking a shot that he could return to that highly productive pass rush form.

7. Sign EDGE Myjai Sanders

The Arizona Cardinals took Myjai Sanders in the third round of the 2022 NFL Draft, selecting him with the 100th overall pick. Sanders was there in 2022 in Vance Joseph's last year with the team and when you can add recent top 100 picks at a discounted rate, it's not a bad risk to take.

Given the fact that he was drafted into Vance Joseph's defense and is only 25 years old, it's not out of the question that he could be a nice offseason dart throw for a team like the Broncos.