7 moves still left for Broncos to make after the 2024 NFL Draft

What moves could the Denver Broncos still make?
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4. Sign LB/S Jamal Adams

The one area of this Denver Broncos roster that seems to be a bit more of a question mark than others right now is the linebacker spot. Maybe right behind that would be the safety position.

Why not knock out two birds with one stone here?

The Broncos open the 2024 season against the Seattle Seahawks, so how about giving Jamal Adams a potential crack at one of his old teams? The Jets are also on the schedule this year, so it could be a reunion tour for him. I like the idea of getting Adams and his versatility into the building, potentially utilizing him as a dime defensive back and enforcer who could play near the line of scrimmage and get some pressure on the QB.

5. Sign DL Bryan Mone

One of the positions the Denver Broncos need to look at is the nose tackle position where there's not really a "true" nose tackle on the roster at the moment. If he's healthy, the team should take a look at 28-year-old former Seahawks defensive lineman Bryan Mone, who played his college ball at Michigan.

Mone is listed at 6-foot-3, 345 pounds, and is a Utah native. He could play in the middle of a revamped defensive line that has now added both Zach Allen and John Franklin-Myers in consecutive offseasons.