7 moves still left for Broncos to make after the 2024 NFL Draft

What moves could the Denver Broncos still make?
Denver Broncos
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2. Sign WR Michael Thomas

The Denver Broncos currently have a lot of wide receivers, maybe a few too many to bring in a name as notable as Michael Thomas. Then again, perhaps if the price is right, Thomas could come in and give the Broncos another veteran option with Courtland Sutton potentially sitting out the offseason program.

Thomas obviously has a lengthy history with the New Orleans Saints and is someone Sean Payton has previously featured in his offense. The 10 games he played this past season with the Saints were the most he's played in a year since 2019.

3. Sign WR Hunter Renfrow

Although obviously Hunter Renfrow's numbers weren't there this past season with the Raiders, it's hard to believe he's still unsigned in the month of May. Renfrow made the Pro Bowl a couple of years ago and found himself totally out of favor with Josh McDaniels. It really didn't make any sense.

At worst, Renfrow is a slot option who could come in and give you a good route runner and punt return option. Again, the Broncos don't necessarily need another receiver, but the longer guys like this sit there in free agency, the more you can't help but wonder if the price could justify bringing them in.