7 moves Broncos must make to reach next year's Super Bowl

What do the Denver Broncos need to do to get back to the Super Bowl?

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3. Shore up the defensive line

You can't sign everybody in free agency, but again, the Broncos have ways they can be flexible with the salary cap and they could go for some bulk buys on the defensive line in free agency.

We're not likely going to see the Broncos pursue the Justin Madubuike or Chris Jones types in free agency, but they could significantly upgrade the defensive line for a reasonable price.

And they desperately need to.

I think we could all see going into that 2023 season that the Denver Broncos' defensive line would be a weak area of the team. As soon as the team decided not to sign veteran Shelby Harris and instead roll with Jonathan Harris, you knew things were going to be a little rough. Unfortunately, the play of the defensive line early in the 2023 season likely led to the team's ultimate demise. The defense bottomed out because they couldn't stop a nosebleed, and that's something the Broncos simply can't tolerate.

The Broncos will have a new defensive line coach in 2024, although we don't know who that's going to be at this point. Marcus Dixon was allowed to leave for the Minnesota Vikings to coach under Brian Flores. Getting some fresh eyes at that position could be a good thing for the Broncos, who will need to go bargain hunting after signing DJ Jones and Zach Allen to big-money deals in the last two offseasons.