7 free agents the Denver Broncos need before the 2023 NFL Draft

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5. Denver Broncos should sign DL Shelby Harris

There are some reunions people want or hope to see simply for the sake of nostalgia. That's really not the case with the idea of a reunion between the Broncos and Shelby Harris. I think this move has a legitimate chance of happening if the two sides can iron out the financial details.

There are a few major reasons for this.

1. The Broncos never really wanted to trade Shelby Harris. He was included in the Russell Wilson deal with the Seahawks likely as a compromise for Seattle wanting Dre'Mont Jones. Just one year before he was traded, the Broncos rewarded Harris' outstanding play with a three-year contract and we saw how emotional it was for Harris to be valued in that way by Denver.

Although the taste of getting trade is certainly bitter, it would be a sweet return for Harris to Denver.

2. The Broncos clearly have a hole at the defensive end spot right now. They could put some significant faith in the young players they have right now -- Matt Henningsen and Eyioma Uwazurike -- but it wasn't just Dre'Mont Jones this team lost in 2023. They also lost starting defensive end DeShawn Williams to the Panthers.

It's not just that the Broncos need depth at defensive end, they might need someone like Shelby Harris to come in and start.

3. Harris got his first major opportunity to start in the NFL back in 2017 with the Broncos when Vance Joseph was the head coach. Joseph is now back in Denver as the team's defensive coordinator and perhaps he can speak to Harris about starting fresh with this team again.

4. Harris is still a Denver resident.

Do we need any more reasons? I think this one is all but happening. We'll see if the two sides can come together to make it so.