7 free agents the Denver Broncos need before the 2023 NFL Draft

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With three weeks to go before the 2023 NFL Draft, the Denver Broncos are not exactly flush with draft picks or cap space to fill out the depth on their roster. According to a recent report, the Broncos actually have just about $7 million in cap space currently, but as we know and have seen in recent years, teams can pretty easily manipulate that number depending on what they want or need to do.

It's safe to say the biggest spending in NFL free agency has already been done as it pertains to the Denver Broncos, but there are still moves that could -- and perhaps should -- be made. Let's be completely honest with where things are at right now. After NFL free agency and more than a dozen moves, the Denver Broncos are still lacking depth in key areas.

Most teams have at least seven draft picks to work with, but not the Broncos. General manager George Paton has five selections to work his magic with in the NFL Draft, and that's simply not enough. You can almost bank on the Broncos trading down from one of their third-round picks, which are currently in back-to-back slots at 67 and 68 overall.

With that being said, you could also probably bank on the team being a bit more active in free agency as the prices on players go down and players want to get jobs solidified before teams fill more needs in the Draft. The Broncos are one of those teams right now that really needs to add more depth to the roster at different positions, and it's certainly not all going to be able to come in the NFL Draft.

But what players/positions should the Broncos be looking at in NFL Free Agency right now? Let's take a look at seven positions and players the Broncos could still be adding players before the 2023 NFL Draft, however they have to maneuver cap space to get it done.