7 former Denver Broncos still unsigned after 2024 NFL Draft

Which former Denver Broncos players remain free agents after the 2024 NFL Draft?
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3. Mike Purcell, DL

The availability of Mike Purcell probably isn't nearly as shocking as some of the others, but he's a good run-stuffing defensive lineman who can be an effective early-down player when healthy.

The issue for Purcell after signing his extension in Denver had been exactly that -- staying healthy.

The Colorado native has played a variety of roles for the Denver Broncos since coming aboard back in 2019, grading out as the league's best run defender that particular season. The Broncos understandably gave Purcell an extension, but he couldn't stay on the field from 2020-21, and missed out on perhaps some of his best years.

Still, that didn't prevent Purcell from bouncing back in 2022-23, and he set a career-high this past season with five QB hits. Over the last four seasons, however, Purcell has just five tackles for loss compared to the whopping eight tackles for loss he had back in that 2019 season.

The Broncos appear to have moved on along the defensive line, but Purcell is probably still capable of playing at least 400 snaps for someone this coming season as an early-down run stopper and gap clogger.