7 candidates to replace Vance Joseph for Broncos in 2024

The Denver Broncos defense got hot in 2023, but was it enough to save Vance Joseph's job?

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6. Jerod Mayo, DC, Patriots

If the New England Patriots' coaching staff gets dismantled, how about the Broncos hiring Bill Belichick as defensive coordinator? Okay, maybe that's more of the pie-in-the-sky type of talk. But if Belichick's staff gets dismantled, then I wouldn't be surprised to see Jerod Mayo get a lot of consideration around the league.

Mayo has seemingly turned down a number of offers in recent years while interviewing for head coaching jobs and undoubtedly being offered a variety of opportunities to leave New England. Most people believe Mayo is being primed as Bill Belichick's successor, but if that's not the case, he should be a hot DC candidate.

7. Rex Ryan, analyst, ESPN

Sean Payton interviewed Rex Ryan last offseason for the defensive coordinator job, and ultimately passed on him in favor of Vance Joseph. And Rex Ryan seemed to revel in the Broncos defense's struggles early on because he was passed up for the gig.


But maybe if money speaks loud enough in 2024, this opportunity and possibility could arise once again. Rex Ryan hasn't been a defensive coordinator in the NFL for a long time, but perhaps he could bring back his aggressive style with a fresh perspective having watched the league from a bird's eye view now for a number of years.

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