7 budget-friendly free agents the Broncos need to sign

Which budget-friendly free agents could still be on the Broncos' radar?

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4. Isaiah Simmons, LB

Out goes Justin Simmons, in comes...Isaiah Simmons?

Broncos fans once had dreams of pairing up the two Simmons', but those dreams were never realized. Isaiah Simmons has evolved as a player since his Clemson days where he was borderline positionless. He was a safety, linebacker, nickel defensive back, and more when he was with the Clemson program, so he understandably took some time to carve out a role at the NFL level.

And Vance Joseph got made fun of quite a bit for it. But it feels like Simmons did hit a stride in 2021-22 production-wise, racking up over 200 tackles, 5.5 sacks, and 6 forced fumbles in those two seasons combined. Then when Vance Joseph left last year, Simmons was traded to the Giants.

With Josey Jewell gone, Isaiah Simmons coming to Denver makes some sense.

5. Clyde Edwards-Helaire, RB

The Broncos don't exactly need a running back like this, but let's bring the LSU connection back into play.

Edwards-Helaire has an intriguing skill set and the ability to create yardage after contact. Even primarily as a pass-catching back, he could be an interesting addition for the Broncos. He could be a better second contract player, which may not be saying much, but in Sean Payton's offense he could be a weapon.