7 Broncos who are likely entering their final season in 2024

Which Broncos won't be with the team after 2024?
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7. Garett Bolles, LT

Not that the Denver Broncos are going to be moving on from Garett Bolles at the first chance they get, but he's entering a contract year in 2024 and would need to be re-signed in order to stick around beyond this year.

There have been trade rumors surrounding Bolles over the last couple of years, which is understandable given the state of the team. But this offseason, we saw the Broncos really prioritize Bolles amidst their purge. They cut Justin Simmons and Russell Wilson, they traded Jerry Jeudy, and they let go of a number of other guys so they could keep Bolles and his $20 million cap hit on the roster.

That speaks volumes, but what does it mean for after 2024?

None of us knows at this point.

At this stage, it would be a little surprising to see the Broncos move on from Bolles after this season, but there also hasn't been any talk of an extension. Into his 30s now, Bolles is still playing really well. It would be cool to see him earn a third contract in Denver after the pick was so heavily criticized due to Bolles's age coming into the NFL.