7 Broncos who are likely entering their final season in 2024

Which Broncos won't be with the team after 2024?
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3. Tim Patrick, WR

There's not a soul in Broncos Country who isn't rooting for Tim Patrick to make an epic comeback this season.

Patrick signed a well-deserved contract extension with the Broncos near the end of the 2021 season, and we basically haven't seen him on the field since then. Which is truly a shame. Tim Patrick is one of the most well-liked players in Denver for good reason. He's a great story of perseverance and fortitude, a player who overcame a career-threatening leg injury at the college level to become a second-contract guy in the NFL with the Broncos.

He's the type of story you love to see.

But after signing that extension, Patrick suffered two consecutive season-ending injuries. The Broncos brought him back on a revised one-year deal in 2024 and even if Patrick plays really well, it could be his last season in Denver. The Broncos have invested a good amount at the receiver position in recent years, spending a second-round pick on Marvin Mims, a fourth-round pick on Troy Franklin, a seventh-round pick on Devaughn Vele, and signing Josh Reynolds in free agency.

The team might go younger at the position after this season and it could leave Timmy P. as the odd man out.