7 Broncos who are likely entering their final season in 2024

Which Broncos won't be with the team after 2024?
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2. Samaje Perine, RB

When it comes to Samaje Perine's longer-term outlook in Denver, I'm honestly torn a little bit. On the one hand, Perine is relatively inexpensive depth at the position and he showed a lot last year for the Denver Broncos as a receiver.

In fact, Perine may be the best overall third-down back the Denver Broncos have when it comes to pass-catching abilities as well as pass protection abilities. He's the veteran of the group, he's trustworthy in two-minute situations, and he's the only back on this roster who has played in big games (as a member of the Bengals).

There's a lot to like about Perine, but there are going to be question marks about his future in Denver all offseason thanks to the arrival of guys like Audric Estimé (5th-round pick) and Blake Watson (a priority undrafted free agent pickup). The Broncos are going to be hoping for a much better second year in Sean Payton's system from Javonte Williams, and Jaleel McLaughlin is an undrafted gem from last year's rookie class that the team obviously likes a good amount.

How much longer does Perine have in Denver? You'd love to be able to see them really load up the running back position but if he sticks in 2024, it wouldn't be shocking to see that be his final year in Denver, especially because he will turn 30 during the 2025 season.