6 realistic options for Denver in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft

Which prospects are the most realistic options for Denver in round one of the upcoming NFL Draft?
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Tight End

- Brock Bowers, Georgia:

The Denver Broncos have not had a 700+ yard tight end since Julius Thomas in 2013. Many, including me, thought that former third-rounder Greg Dulcich was the next guy, but he has been injured for most of his career. Georgia's Brock Bowers might be a top 3 prospect in this year's Draft, just because of the quarterback-needy teams, Bowers will not be a top 5 pick.

If Brock Bowers is on the board at 12th overall, I would not be surprised if Denver takes him. He is a beast, a generational talent you cannot pass on. Yes, you might not get your quarterback if you get Bowers, but there are Spencer Rattler and Michael Pratt, who can be selected later in the Draft, or you can get back to the first round and get Bo Nix, in a move similar to what the Baltimore Ravens did in 2018 to select Lamar Jackson.

It is very likely that Bowers will not be available after the 10th pick with the Jets, but it is the Draft, and anything can happen. The Jets could go offensive line or wide receiver.