6 former first-round picks the Broncos could pursue on offense in 2024

Which former first-round picks could be of interest to the Broncos in free agency?

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There's no question that the Denver Broncos need to upgrade the talent on their roster overall in the 2024 offseason. One way they can try to do it is by bringing some former first-round picks onto the roster, hopefully at discounted prices. Not every former first-round pick is a reclamation project or looking for a prove-it deal, but there could perhaps be some good bang for your buck in this category in 2024.

Which players could be of interest to Sean Payton and the Broncos this coming offseason? Let's take a look at some former first-round picks on the offensive side of the ball that could be fits in Denver in 2024.

1. Jameis Winston, QB

I think one of the more obvious fits this offseason in the "hold down the fort" category at the quarterback position is Jameis Winston, the former Heisman Trophy winner and #1 overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft. Winston would be the third former #1 overall pick to join the Denver Broncos at the QB position, and the Broncos have won all three of their Super Bowls with a #1 pick under center.

I'm just saying.

Winston has history and familiarity with Sean Payton and the New Orleans Saints, and the Broncos' addition of Cody Rager to the front office as VP of Player Personnel is certainly another signal that more former Saints could be on their way to the Mile High City.

Winston isn't the same type of upside move he was back in 2020 when the Saints originally signed him, but he's done well in Sean Payton's offense in the past.

2. Baker Mayfield, QB

Baker Mayfield parlayed a strong finish to the 2022 season with the Los Angeles Rams into a one-year prove-it deal as the Buccaneers' starter in 2023. And he's about to cash in.

Mayfield, another Heisman winner and former first-overall pick, is set to hit free agency next month but the Bucs clearly want him back. After losing OC Dave Canales to the Carolina Panthers, the Bucs hired Liam Coen to be their new play-caller offensively, and he was with Sean McVay's staff in Los Angeles when Mayfield played out there.

But money will talk in this situation. Perhaps Mayfield would rather hitch his wagon to Sean Payton instead of Liam Coen. If the Denver Broncos could work out the financials, adding a player like Mayfield at QB would be a lot of fun in 2024.