6 Denver Broncos who deserve contract extensions in 2024

Which Broncos players are most worthy of a new contract in the 2024 offseason?

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5. LB Josey Jewell

Broncos sixth-year inside linebacker Josey Jewell has not put together the best season of his career however, has been by far the best linebacker on Denver's roster. Teammate Alex Singleton has made flashes here and there but has significantly regressed in his second season with the Broncos as opposed to his first with a variety of issues including tackling.

Jewell, 28, is set to become a free agent and could be earning his third contract with the Broncos considering he is a much better tackler, run defender, and coverage player than both Alex Singelton and rookie Drew Sanders. Also, assuming Vance Joseph decides to keep third-round pick Drew Sanders with the outside linebacker group, the Broncos will already be short a linebacker and veteran Jonas Griffith is still making a full recovery from his ACL injury suffered in training camp. It would be an extremely risky decision to move on from Jewell and would likely not be in the best interest of the position group heading into the 2024 season. At this point in his career, Jewell will most likely settle for a cheap one-year deal.

6. CB Fabian Moreau

Veteran cornerback Fabian Moreau, who the Broncos picked up just weeks before the regular season began, has flourished in his starting role in place of the struggling Damarri Mathis. In 2023, Moreau has allowed a 58.1% completion percentage and 78.4 passer rating when targeted -- both second-best of his seven-year career. To say the veteran defensive back has been impressive this late in his career would be an understatement. Under all the circumstances, Moreau has been extremely outstanding stepping into a starting role in a struggling Broncos defense and has been a big reason why Denver has been able to turn things around defensively in the last seven weeks.

Now will he be the long-term starter alongside Patrick Surtain ll? Probably not. But he is a fantastic bridge piece that can help rookie Riley Moss transition into that role or potentially an early draft pick in 2024 for the Broncos. Regardless of his future role, the Broncos need to do everything in their power to bring back Fabian Moreau in the upcoming offseason. Coverage corners like Moreau are difficult to come by and the Broncos simply cannot afford to lose any more depth.


Plus, Moreau will likely not demand a pricey contract given his age and his inconsistent history playing the cornerback position at a high level.

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