5 wide receivers the Denver Broncos can replace KJ Hamler with

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To say the first four years KJ Hamler has been in the NFL with the Denver Broncos have been brutal would be an understatement. Hamler entered the league in 2020 out of Penn State already bringing some injury concerns with him, having struggled in the 2019 season and 2020 offseason with hamstring issues.

Since he got to the Denver Broncos, it's -- very unfortunately -- been more of the same. Hamler has been impressive and explosive when on the field, but unfortunately, we've only seen him on the field for 23 games in three seasons, and now, there are even more injury concerns to consider. Hamler recently suffered a partially torn pectoral according to NFL Network's Tom Pelissero.

The recovery timeline for a torn pectoral injury is "4-6 months" according to Pelissero, but anything short of a full 6-month recovery plan would be optimistic bordering on delusional. That means that as of the time of this writing, Hamler's full six-month recovery timeline would put him available on September 23rd, which would have him missing the first couple of weeks of the 2023 NFL season.

Brutal. It's just so brutal for Hamler, who has been consistently dealing with hamstring injuries, a concussion in 2020, a torn ACL in 2021, multiple major procedures following the ACL tear including surgery on his hip, a hamstring strain, and now a partially torn pectoral. Everyone hopes for the best for Hamler, but the brutal reality as far as football is concerned is that the Denver Broncos need to add at the receiver position.

There have been so many trade discussions involving players on the roster like Courtland Sutton and Jerry Jeudy, and while the Broncos obviously seem to be holding firm at a high asking price for both players, there are question marks with all of the top four guys at this position group.

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The Broncos will almost undoubtedly look to the 2023 NFL Draft to supplement the wide receiver position, but they need to add players before that in NFL free agency. They have passed on the trade market so far, which is fine, but there have been receivers available for reasonable prices that the Broncos are also missing out on.

They have already taken "Ls" on players like Adam Thielen and Allen Lazard. Where could the Broncos pivot now given this news about KJ Hamler? Let's look at five remaining options.