5 wide receiver targets for the Denver Broncos in the 2024 NFL Draft

What receivers could the Denver Broncos target in the draft?
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WR Luke McCaffrey - Rice

Denver should draft within the Mile High family and select the son of Super Bowl champion receiver Ed McCaffrey and the brother of 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey, Luke.

This has Payton written all over it as a playmaker due to the ability and intelligence he inherits from his family.

McCaffrey stands 6'2, weighing nearly 200 pounds. Just like his bloodline, Luke is a natural athlete and can be a reliable force on the field.

His route running ability is as fluid as it comes in the draft with the potential of being the "joker" role in the offense for Payton. Luke has great hands and is excellent against zone coverage.

According to PFF's advanced statistics, he was tied for second in the country in contested catches with 17 at Rice. McCaffrey can be a great depth piece for Denver that can have an impact as a big slot-type wide receiver for Payton.

WR Jermaine Burton - Alabama

Jermaine Burton has been someone that has caught my eye during this process and could be the sleeper in this wide receiver class.

Standing six feet tall and weighing nearly 200 pounds, Burton is a fascinating prospect that could be great if he gets drafted by the right organization.

Burton is known for his competitive fire and it can get him into trouble from time to time. Despite having that trait (that can be a positive more than a negative), Burton can change the dynamic of the reciever room in Denver.

His release and footwork are paired nicely with his route running ability. Burton can run any route in the tree and execute at a high-level. The fiery competitiveness to him makes him a decent blocker but can become a great one with great coaching.

Burton is great over the middle of the field and it showed with Alabama. He recorded zero drops for the entire season and totaled four receptions for 92 yards and a touchdown (158.3 WR rating) on crossing routes alone.

His elite quickness will win him most battles against press coverage and be the difference maker he is made out to be.

Burton can be elite in the NFL with his approach to the game and if Denver takes a shot on him, Payton can unlock his full potential in the Mile High.