5 veteran players who won't make the Broncos' Week 1 roster in 2024

These veterans are likely going to be playing elsewhere in 2024
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4. Matt Peart, offensive tackle

The Broncos signed former Giants third-round pick Matt Peart to a free agent contract in 2024, and that move has flown under the radar, to say the least.

Peart has a legitimate chance to come in and be the Broncos' top swing tackle option, or he could potentially miss out on making the roster altogether. He signed for less than $400,000 in guaranteed money on his one-year deal, leaving minimal dead cap penalty if the Broncos decide he's not going to make this team.

The players who could be standing in his way include a host of former UDFAs like Alex Palczewski and Demontrey Jacobs, two second-year players the Broncos are high on, as well as rookie Frank Crum, a talented player out of Wyoming. Add in the fact that veteran Calvin Throckmorton also has tackle experience, and Peart's chances of making this team seem slim.

5. Levi Wallace, cornerback

The Denver Broncos were forced into a really tough situation last year when they suffered a couple of early training camp injuries at cornerback and had to sign veteran Fabian Moreau. Moreau not only ended up making the roster, but coming in and starting a bunch of games for this team last season.

The Broncos are obviously hoping that they can get better contributions out of their young players at the position this year, players they have drafted who should be able to beat out a guy whose one-year deal doesn't include even $700,000 guaranteed.

It's time for players like Riley Moss, Damarri Mathis, and Kris Abrams-Draine to prove they can help this team opposite Pat Surtain II. Ja'Quan McMillian should be in the lineup whether he's playing inside or outside, but if Levi Wallace is playing substantial snaps this season, it means the Broncos felt they couldn't rely on guys they have had high NFL Draft grades on in the last three draft classes.