5 things Denver Broncos fans should be thankful for this Thanksgiving

Who should Broncos fans be thankful for this Thanksgiving?

Minnesota Vikings v Denver Broncos
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5. Russell Carrington Wilson

The franchise QB. The leader of the team. A captain. The man who has brought stability to the position after years of instability is someone we need to be thankful for. Objectively speaking, Russell Wilson has been very good for the Broncos this year. He leads the league in TD:INT ratio and ranks above guys like Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, Jalen Hurts, among others, in major statistical QB categories.

Last year, many people thought Russell Wilson was totally washed up, and some misguided fans even called for the Broncos to cut him after just one year. Well, they could not have been more wrong. Sean Payton has been able to get Wilson back on the right track, but it's not Payton out there on the field.

Russell Wilson has made good decisions and has limited his turnovers. He's thrown just four picks and during the team's four-game winning streak, has thrown 0 interceptions. He's led back-to-back game-winning touchdown drives to beat the Buffalo Bills and Minnesota Vikings.

Wilson is also very experienced with the late-season playoff pushes. He possesses a 9-7 playoff record and has won a Super Bowl back in 2013. Without Russell Wilson putting in the work in the offseason to get better, the Denver Broncos are not where they are right now. And I think Wilson has done plenty to warrant being brought back again in 2024.


Don't overthink this; Wilson has not been perfect, but he's been darn good for the Denver Broncos in 2023.

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