5 things Denver Broncos fans should be thankful for this Thanksgiving

Who should Broncos fans be thankful for this Thanksgiving?

Minnesota Vikings v Denver Broncos
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4. Core Denver Broncos players

I'm specifically talking about a handful of players who have been with this team through the bad times. The players who haven't pouted, given up, or created unnecessary drama. Players like Courtland Sutton, Garett Bolles, Lloyd Cushenberry, Josey Jewell, and Justin Simmons have all been with the organization for at least four years.

Bolles has been with the Denver Broncos since 2017, and Simmons has been here since 2016, making him the longest-tenured Bronco. They have never experienced consistent winning with the team, and after this long, it seems like the Broncos are trending upward. Honestly, I would not have blamed guys like Bolles and Simmons if they had requested a trade at any point during their careers.

And not only have they been with the team through all of the suck, but they're also becoming crucial pieces to the success the Broncos have recently had. The Broncos' OL is gaining more chemistry together, and the defense is finally hitting their stride. The hope is that the team can win their fifth game in a row in Week 12, putting them at 6-5 and potentially in a playoff spot.

The core players of the Denver Broncos who have been here for a while are players we all need to be thankful for.