5 things Denver Broncos fans should be thankful for this Thanksgiving

Who should Broncos fans be thankful for this Thanksgiving?

Minnesota Vikings v Denver Broncos
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3. Sean Payton

I think this one is pretty obvious. Many people didn't want the Broncos to make this move, as it required a hefty trade to make it happen. It seemed like many fans wanted the team to pry Jim Harbaugh from Michigan. Well, the team ended up trading two high picks to acquire Payton, as he was still under contract with the New Orleans Saints.

After the Denver Broncos 1-5 start, the conversation shifted to something like "Sean Payton is an overrated head coach who was propped up by Drew Brees," and that could not have been more false. Now after four straight wins, the Denver Broncos are clearly showing the grit and an additional gear that they didn't have for years.

Payton is an old-school coach from the Bill Parcells' tree, and it's beginning to show. The Broncos have won multiple ugly games this year, and winning ugly is one of the truest indicators of a good football team. Payton has brought stability to the coaching staff and was the single best HC on the market last year.

The Broncos literally could not have hired a more qualified person to be the team's next head coach. Payton has won over 150 games over his career and won a Super Bowl in 2019 as well.