5 surprise standouts early in Denver Broncos training camp

- Wide receivers stepping up

- Ben DiNucci impressing?

- Former 2nd-round pick showing up

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5. Taylor Grimes, wide receiver

Alright, it's time to talk about Taylor Grimes. It might be past time.

If you were to rank the Denver Broncos' roster 1-90 before training camp, Grimes might have been in the late 80s or 90. Nobody knew much of anything about this guy going into training camp because he's playing in a position group where the Denver Broncos traditionally carry a lot of players going into camp.

He wasn't given the biggest signing bonus coming out of (checks notes) Incarnate Word.

With all due respect to the Incarnate Word football program, this year was the first in all my years of covering football that I've ever heard of it. Grimes was actually one of a handful of players from Incarnate Word's program to get picked up by NFL clubs this year, and he has been turning heads and raising eyebrows at Denver Broncos training camp.

Grimes has been consistently winning in one-on-one situations at camp, and he's catching passes from both Ben DiNucci (3rd team offense) and Jarrett Stidham (2nd team offense).

I mean, you get the point, right? The picture is being painted clearly enough. Taylor Grimes, wearing no. 13, will be a player to watch as the Denver Broncos progress toward the preseason. What he lacks in size or athletic measurables, he more than makes up for with the ability to run routes with tremendous quickness.


If this guy can return punts? There might be something there.

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