5 surprise cut candidates for Broncos ahead of 2023 season

- Veteran Safety in risk not only to lose starting spot in the roster, but also his job?

- A couple of the 2023 free agent signings don't make the team?

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3. Albert Okwuegbunam, Tight End

Albert O is a guy that has not only struggled in the field but is a player that cannot stay healthy due to injuries. Since he was drafted, he has not played for more than 14 games in the same year. In his rookie year, he appeared in only four games. Last season, he appeared in only eight games, although that had less to do with injuries and more to do with the fact that the coaching staff didn't seem to like him.

Statistically, he has not produced notable numbers. He has only had one 130+ yard season (330 in 2021). He only had 10 receptions last season.

As a blocking tight end, he has not looked too solid. Denver traded for Adam Trautman during the Draft, who is the number one tight end on the preseason depth chart. Plus Greg Dulcich looked way better than Okwuegbunam. Additionally, the Broncos signed Chris Manhertz, and rookie Nate Adkins, who are two really good blocking tight ends compared to Albert.

An injury on Dulcich/Trautman is the only way Okwuegbunam might even be considered a starter, so cutting him or even looking to trade him will make obvious sense for the Denver Broncos.