5 running backs the Broncos could target with Latavius Murray to Bills

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys
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2. Kareem Hunt

Some people are vehemently opposed to the idea of signing Kareem Hunt due to his prior off-field issues, which are obviously significant and abhorrent. The reality of his situation is that he may not be blacklisted by every NFL team despite it all, and I think he's at least an option to discuss for the Broncos, for one particular reason: Running backs coach Lou Ayeni.

Lou Ayeni was hired this offseason by Sean Payton straight out of the Northwestern football program, but one of Ayeni's previous stops was Toledo where he recruited Kareem Hunt. The relationship between Ayeni and Hunt could come into play if the Broncos want to sign veteran depth at the position. Hunt's effectiveness diminished significantly in Cleveland the past two seasons, but I think he's at least an option given the connection to Ayeni.

3. Jerick McKinnon

Basically an extension of the passing game at this point, Jerick McKinnon is coming off of a career year with the Kansas City Chiefs in which he racked up 10 total touchdowns and one non-touchdown that will forever live in NFL Super Bowl lore. McKinnon famously sacrificed the opportunity to score a Super Bowl touchdown to help the Chiefs run out hte clock late in the game.

Could he join the Chiefs' division rivals in Denver as a complementary piece to Samaje Perine and, of course, Javonte Williams when healthy? I really like this possibility because of McKinnon's prowess as a receiver out of the backfield. Does this help your running back depth? Yes, even though McKinnon was almost exclusively used in a pass-catching role for Kansas City.

His connection to Denver is GM George Paton, who was in the Vikings' front office when McKinnon was drafted back in 2014.