5 roster cut reunions for the Denver Broncos that make sense

Could the Denver Broncos reunite with some of their old pals after roster cuts?

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4. Seth Williams, wide receiver

The Denver Broncos used a sixth-round pick on Seth Williams in the 2021 NFL Draft. He showed a lot of promise in limited chances for the Broncos, but obviously couldn't stick because of how "deep" the team was at receiver.

Well, Williams was balling out for the Jacksonville Jaguars this offseason, and because they are actually deep at receiver right now, he didn't make the cut. He chose to leave Denver last year when he did, and understandably so. but Williams might have an opportunity to come back to Denver and actually play real snaps for them.

Especially since George Paton drafted this guy, the Broncos would be fools to let him slip through waivers without putting in a claim.

5. Melvin Gordon, running back

Kidding. Kidding...Settle down.

5. Juwann Winfree, wide receiver

Indianapolis Colts fans are not happy with the team's decision to let go of Winfree, who had an impressive camp and preseason with the team. Winfree is going on 27 years old, and he was drafted out of Colorado by the Denver Broncos in the sixth round all the way back in 2019.


The fact that he's still in the league is impressive, and he was certainly one of the best practice players for the Packers for a handful of seasons. He only has a few career receptions at this point (in actual games) but the physical side has never been an issue for Winfree.

As the Broncos scour the wire for receiver options, perhaps he can figure out a way to contribute to this Denver Broncos roster after all.

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