5 remaining free agents the Denver Broncos should sign before the 2024 season

The Denver Broncos should sign these free agents.
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2. Yannick Ngakoue, DE

Yes, I am back on my Yannick Ngakoue train. For the first time in his career in 2023, he did not finish with at least eight sacks. He had four in 13 games for the Chicago Bears in 2023 before exiting with a season-ending injury. Here's the thing with Ngakoue; he's a very good pass-rusher but is a horrid run defender. And that's been a huge reason why he's played for six teams since being drafted back in 2016.

Nonetheless, Yannick Ngakoue would be a cheap addition for the Denver Broncos, and if they play to his strengths, they would not ask him to suit up much against the run, so you could expect to see him on later, pass-rush downs like third and fourth down, or even second and long.

3. Connor Williams, OC

OK, this is getting ridiculous. The Denver Broncos should have signed Connor Williams a month ago, but here we are. Williams tore his ACL late in the 2023 NFL Season, which has certainly thrown a huge wrench into his free agency, as he's still on the open market. Williams was likely looking at a respectable, long-term deal from the Miami Dolphins, the last team he played for, or another club.

The Denver Broncos obviously lost Lloyd Cushenberry in free agency, so they don't have a proven body at center, but former Oregon Duck Alex Forsyth, who played with Bo Nix in college, could be the answer. However, the Broncos could sign a high-end center who could end up cracking into the starting lineup immediately when he gets healthy.