5 reasons the Denver Broncos can go from worst to first in 2023

Arizona Cardinals v Denver Broncos
Arizona Cardinals v Denver Broncos / Justin Edmonds/GettyImages
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4. The offensive line will be vastly improved

We hope for this every single year, but could 2023 finally be the year? Could the Denver Broncos offensive line actually be one of the most improved units in the league?

Let's ask a non-biased third party, like Mike Clay of ESPN who ranked every unit in the NFL at every position group.

So many people are freaked out by the Denver Broncos' current offensive line depth but not enough people are excited about the team's improved starting five. Sean Payton and George Paton attacked the offensive line in free agency, signing Mike McGlinchey to a big-money deal and adding Ben Powers from the Baltimore Ravens as another high-priced starter at the guard position.

Garett Bolles is coming back from injury, and Quinn Meinerz looked last season like the team's best overall offensive lineman. There are very few "perfect" offensive lines in the NFL outside of Philadelphia, and not every team is just loaded with big-money free agents or top 50 picks as backup offensive linemen.

The Broncos have a really good starting five on the offensive line, and they have a coach in Sean Payton whose offensive lines have always performed exceptionally well. It's hard to know just how good the Broncos can be in 2023 if they have a good offensive line, or even an average offensive line, because we haven't really seen that in Denver the last however many years.

Going from worst to first is possible if the Broncos control the line of scrimmage.