5 reasons the Denver Broncos can go from worst to first in 2023

Arizona Cardinals v Denver Broncos
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3. Offensive playmakers take a big leap forward

This really goes in combination with the first two points, but if the Denver Broncos are going to go from worst to first or last place to playoffs, they need the offensive skill players to take a huge leap forward in 2023.

We started to see that at the end of the 2022 season as Jerry Jeudy began to take over games and truly look like a top-flight WR1. Although there were trade rumors involving Jeudy this offseason and dating back to last year's trade deadline, the Broncos saw what everyone else saw and picked up the fifth-year option on Jeudy's rookie contract for 2024.

Specifically speaking on the Denver Broncos' wide receiver position, there are three players on the roster who have all had outstanding years in the NFL, but somehow never all at the same time.

Courtland Sutton made the Pro Bowl in the 2019 season with the Broncos, but tore his ACL in 2020 and we haven't seen the Pro Bowl version of Court since that time.

Tim Patrick had an outstanding 2020 and 2021 season for the Broncos, really establishing himself as a top-flight WR2 in the league, but he tore his ACL in 2022 and missed the entire season.

Jeudy missed a number of games back in the 2021 season with an ankle injury, and we have seen flashes from him but not a lot of consistency (at least in terms of his involvement in the offense) until late last season.

If Russell Wilson is going to rebound and now with the presence of Sean Payton, is it possible that we could see all of these receivers finally put together great years all at the same time? I don't think it's out of the question. Getting a star QB in the building was a huge part of the equation. Having the right coach to "stir the drink" is the next piece. Payton is a master of utilizing offensive personnel and enhancing the strengths of his players.

If he can get the best out of these offensive skill players collectively, he will be the first to do it and the result in terms of wins and losses should greatly benefit the Denver Broncos.