5 realistic Broncos trade targets at the deadline

Who could the Denver Broncos target at the 2023 trade deadline

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5. Budda Baker, S, Cardinals

One of the more realistic targets that could be available to the Denver Broncos in a trade is Arizona Cardinals safety Budda Baker. Baker has been rumored to be available in a trade for quite some time now, and the Broncos didn't make much sense until recent events have given us completely new context.

A couple of months ago, in the offseason, when the Broncos had a healthy safety room that included Justin Simmons, Kareem Jackson, PJ Locke, Caden Sterns, and others, a trade for someone like Budda Baker would have felt like complete overkill. Now, doesn't it feel like it might be kind of necessary?

We would all love to see PJ Locke continue to grow into a bigger role with the Broncos in the near future, especially after his game-sealing interception against the Green Bay Packers. With that being said, the Broncos may also need a long-term starter next to Justin Simmons and Budda Baker is someone who could really help this defense moving forward.

One of the primary reasons this trade could make sense for Denver? Defensive coordinator Vance Joseph obviously had Baker when the two were together in Arizona.


The Broncos just can't rely on Kareem Jackson moving forward, Caden Sterns is out for the year, and this trade could help take the defense to the next level. Baker is just 27 so the Broncos probably aren't getting him for a 5th and a 6th like the Eagles just got Kevin Byard from the Titans, but the Cardinals might take a Day 3 pick if they are purging the roster.

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