5 realistic Broncos trade targets at the deadline

Who could the Denver Broncos target at the 2023 trade deadline

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3. Chase Young, DE, Commanders

If the Denver Broncos are truly going to "go for it" with any one trade before this year's deadline, I wouldn't mind seeing this. Obviously, I'm not in favor of the Broncos giving up a first-round pick or really even anything close to that kind of value, but if Chase Young is available for a reasonable price, this is a player the Broncos could attempt to build around for the future.

As often as NFL teams play hybrid looks defensively, or get into their nickel alignment, I don't think adding Chase Young would mean that you have to forsake players like Jonathon Cooper, Baron Browning, or Nik Bonitto. Heck, Young was on the same Ohio State roster as Cooper and Browning, and they all found a way to make it to the NFL together.

Young was the second overall pick of the 2020 NFL Draft, and has tons of talent. He can truly be one of those types of disruptive forces off the edge that changes games, but health issues have prevented him not only from becoming the superstar most people felt he was going to be, but also from even getting a 5th-year option from the Commanders.

Washington has sort of put the ball in Chase Young's court and even though he's looked solid this season, it seems like they are willing to potentially move on. If that's the case, a lot of NFL teams would be wise to get in on the action, including the Denver Broncos. Figuring out personnel groupings would be interesting, but is it possible that Chase Young could play with his hand in the dirt instead of playing outside linebacker?