5 realistic Broncos trade targets at the deadline

Who could the Denver Broncos target at the 2023 trade deadline
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2. Taysom Hill, TE, Saints

Let's just start this one off by quickly discussing the contract situation of Taysom Hill right now. Anytime this idea gets suggested, people on Twitter are quick to tell you that Taysom Hill's contract situation makes it an impossible scenario. But is it?

Well, the answer is not really.

Taysom Hill has a base salary in 2023 of just over $1 million. The Saints have consistently used Taysom Hill's contract as a way to push salary cap dollars into future years by converting portions of his base salary to a signing bonus. They are just giving him cash to kick the cap down the road.

Right now, a team like the Broncos acquiring Taysom Hill in a trade with the Saints would cost next to nothing in terms of the base salary he's owed for the remainder of the season. He does have base salaries in 2024 and 2025 of $10 million, but that money is (mostly) not guaranteed.

At some point, the Saints are going to have to bite the bullet and stop kicking the Taysom Hill can down the road. They have an "out" after this season and it kind of makes sense for them to trade him now and let the Broncos figure out what to do with the remaining two years of his salary. Taysom Hill is undoubtedly the quintessential "Sean Payton guy" and would actually fill a pretty big void for the Broncos right now. Denver needs a player like Hill to come in and play tight end after they lost Greg Dulcich yet again to a hamstring injury.

I would be all for this move for Denver and that would include having Hill on this team beyond just 2023.