5 QBs the Broncos need to avoid after Russell Wilson release

Which quarterbacks do the Denver Broncos need to stay away from after the Russell Wilson release?

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2. Mason Rudolph (free agent)

The Denver Broncos already went after someone else's intriguing backup quarterback. He's already on the roster.

His name is Jarrett Stidham.

Imagine moving on from Russell Wilson, taking the biggest dead cap hit in NFL history, and moving on to a competition between Jarrett Stidham and Mason Rudolph. It just wouldn't sell. As if Broncos fans aren't miserable enough.

With all due respect to Mason Rudolph, this is simply not the situation for him. The Denver Broncos are not the right fit. Rudolph has been the 2nd or 3rd quarterback on the Steelers' depth chart basically since he's been in the NFL. He was a star at Oklahoma State once upon a time, and while he played pretty well late last season for Pittsburgh, the Broncos already took a shot on a guy like this.

I think Rudolph presents almost the exact same upside as someone like Stidham. he's been in the league for four years. He's had some opportunities that he's done well with, but not many, and certainly not enough of a sample to bank the future of the franchise on him.

There's just no way the Broncos could justify this.