5 QBs Broncos need to avoid if they move on from Russell Wilson in 2024

Which QBs do the Broncos need to avoid in 2024?

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5. Desmond Ridder, Falcons

Although I was personally a really big fan of Desmond Ridder coming out of Cincinnati, it's been really beneficial and educational to have seen him get a legitimate shot at being the full-time starter for the Atlanta Falcons.

And what we have seen from Ridder with the Falcons is perhaps the best of what we will get from him at the NFL level, which I believe is a high-end backup quarterback. There will be times and stretches of play where you think Ridder should be able to be a long-term starter in the NFL, but then there are other times when you can't help but wonder how long until he gets pulled from a game.

There is always going to be volatility and highs and lows with a young quarterback, but if the Atlanta Falcons move on from Desmond Ridder in 2024, I would not want the Denver Broncos to try and bring him in unless it was as a high-upside backup option. Bringing him in as a bridge starter would not be ideal, even though Ridder has shown some nice traits and obviously his athleticism and speed.


There are definitely some things about his game that make you think he could work well the more time on task he gets, but the reality is, he's started 12 games in the NFL at this point and has accounted for just 12 total touchdowns (8 passing, 4 rushing). Although Ridder has some dynamic dual-threat skills, I think if he became available, too many teams would view him as a bridge starter for the Broncos to be any sort of realistic option.

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