5 QBs Broncos need to avoid if they move on from Russell Wilson in 2024

Which QBs do the Broncos need to avoid in 2024?

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4. Daniel Jones, GIants

I don't even know if the New York Giants can realistically move on from Daniel Jones in the 2024 offseason, but if they're looking for someone to take him off their hands, the Denver Broncos need to just say "no".

Daniel Jones was a high first-round pick back in 2019, somewhat surprisingly, by Dave Gettleman and the New York Giants. The Giants fell for Jones's physical attributes -- which are good -- as well as his football IQ. It was understandable, in many ways. Somewhat directly and somewhat indirectly, Jones was kind of a branch off of the Peyton and Eli Manning tree. Jones played for David Cutcliffe at Duke, Peyton Manning's OC and QB coach at Tennessee.

He also became sort of the Manning family QB mentor, so to speak.

So for Daniel Jones, you were getting a guy who was coached up in the ways of Peyton and Eli Manning, but also someone who could really run.

Unfortunately, Jones just has an unshakeable habit of turning the ball over. He was fumbling the ball at an incredibly high rate when he first came into the NFL, and although he had a really strong year of decision-making in 2022, he reverted back to his old ways in 2023. Now, he's recovering from a seasson-ending injury.

If Jones becomes available somehow in 2024, the Broncos need to pass.