5 QBs Broncos need to avoid if they move on from Russell Wilson in 2024

Which QBs do the Broncos need to avoid in 2024?
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2. Jameis Winston, Saints

At one point in time, I think I would have been all for Jameis Winston joining the Denver Broncos. Winston was the #1 overall pick back in 2015 after a tremendous career at Florida State where he won a Heisman Trophy. Although Winston's accuracy and decision-making were an area of concern, the Buccaneers made him their franchise QB and it didn't last all that long.

Winston basically played out his rookie deal with the Buccaneers and hit free agency with not a lot of teams lined up to sign him after his infamous 33-30 season back in 2019.

Not a lot of teams lined up, that is, besides the New Orleans Saints. Sean Payton and the Saints signed Winston and had him sit for a year in 2020 to learn the offense, learn from Drew Brees, and hopefully make major strides on the field as a result. Which we saw in 2021.

Winston returned to the field as a starter in 2021 for the Saints and was on pace to throw for about 50 touchdowns in the first six games and change, but unfortunately suffered a season-ending knee injury and was not the starter in 2022 when Sean Payton took his year away from the game.

Although there's history between Payton and Winston, I think this is a ship that has sailed, and would prefer to see the Denver Broncos go after a higher-upside option.