5 QBs Broncos need to avoid if they move on from Russell Wilson in 2024

Which QBs do the Broncos need to avoid in 2024?

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As of right now, Russell Wilson remains one of the most polarizing players in the NFL despite a resurgence in 2023. Wilson is not passing the "eye test" for everyone despite being one of the NFL's most efficient quarterbacks, completing 67.8 percent of his passes, ranking second in the league (as of Week 10) with 18 touchdown passes, and helping the Broncos rank 13th in the league in 3rd down conversion rate as well as 14th in red zone conversion rate.

What people mean when they say that Wilson is not passing the "eye test" is that Wilson is not lighting up the stat sheet in terms of passing yardage. The Denver Broncos don't currently have the most dynamic passing attack, even if that area of the offense is efficient. It's too boring for most people's liking.

I'm not saying they should or that they will, but let's say the Denver Broncos do move on from Russell Wilson in the 2024 offseason. Which quarterbacks should they avoid?

5 QBs the Broncos should avoid in 2024 offseason

1. Mac Jones, Patriots

At this particular point in time, I think it's appropriate to say that I wouldn't touch Mac Jones with a 39 1/2-foot pole. Although the failure of Mac Jones in New England after starting off his NFL career as a rookie in the Pro Bowl has not been entirely his fault, Jones has done his part to shut down the idea that he is a viable franchise quarterback in New England or anywhere else after this season.

Jones's touchdown percentage and interception percentage (3.1) are identical and would both represent career-worsts if they hold up. The Patriots have one of the worst offenses in the league and Jones is just not making good decisions with the ball.

All of these quarterbacks on this list undoubtedly come with the caveat that I think they could be better in Sean Payton's system, but I would rather the Broncos stick with Jarrett Stidham or go after different players than these guys.