5 prospects the Broncos may regret passing on in the 2024 NFL Draft

Did the Broncos make the right call passing on these guys?
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4. Brandon Dorlus, DL, Falcons

Another one of my pre-draft favorites went shortly after the Broncos took Troy Franklin near the top of the fourth round, and it was one of Franklin's college teammates.

Defensive lineman Brandon Dorlus was a menace at the Senior Bowl this year and developed into an extremely disruptive player over his years with the Ducks. This past year, he had 6.5 tackles for loss and nine batted passes to go along with 5.0 sacks.

The Broncos went after Jonah Elliss with their previous pick, but based on the way the defensive line played last year, I don't think anyone would have blamed them for going after even more help for that unit. It would have been nice for the Broncos to have had four or five picks to open up the fourth round.

5. Spencer Rattler, QB, Saints

I'm not going to make too big of a deal about the Broncos passing on Spencer Rattler in this draft, but if ever there was an opportunity for them to double-up at the quarterback position, it would have been in this class.

The Broncos had two picks really close to each other in the 5th round, and they spent them on Kris Abrams-Draine and Audric Estimé. There's nothing wrong with either of those picks because those guys might have both been taking a round or two too late (at least). But it was reported by Adam Schefter after the draft that the Broncos and Falcons were the two teams who liked Rattler the most and had Day 2 grades on him.

If the Broncos had a Day 2 grade on a quarterback, they should have taken him in round 5 when they had the chance, regardless of the way the 1st round played out.