5 players the Broncos were right to cut ties with after 2023

Which former Denver Broncos may not fare well on their new teams in 2024?
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4. Jonathan Harris, DL, Dolphins

One of the worst areas on the Denver Broncos' roster last year was the defensive line, and it's not like the team didn't see it coming.

The Broncos brought in veteran Shelby Harris for a visit during camp last year, and a reunion there would have made a ton of sense. A lot more sense, that is, than the Broncos rolling with Jonathan Harris as a starter for the entirety of last season.

The Broncos' defense was dismantled in historic fashion last season, starting with their incompetence up front. You can't pin that directly on Jonathan Harris, but he was obviously the weakest link on that unit. The Broncos have addressed that area of the roster this offseason by making some more wholesale changes.

They signed Malcolm Roach in free agency, the #1 run defender among interior defensive linemen last year. They signed Angelo Blackson, a grizzled veteran who can also help against the run. They also traded for John Franklin-Myers, a former big-money free agent who is tough as nails and can disrupt from virtually any alignment up front.

Harris was a great story, but it was time for the Broncos to upgrade and move on.