5 players the Broncos were right to cut ties with after 2023

Which former Denver Broncos may not fare well on their new teams in 2024?
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2. Lloyd Cushenbarry III, C, Titans

The Denver Broncos must feel really confident in the young options they have at the center position in 2023 7th-round pick Alex Forsyth and 2022 5th-round pick Luke Wattenberg, because Lloyd Cushenberry III was coming off of an outstanding year in 2023 for the team.

Cushenberry bolted for the Tennessee Titans in 2024 free agency on a deal that is worth $50 million in total money and $12.5 million in average annual value.

Not a bad pay day for a guy who we were talking about a year ago at this time possibly having his job taken by one of those young guys coming in. The first three years of Cushenberry's NFL career were not good, to say the least, and his breakout season came at just the right time.

The fact that Cushenberry had a breakout year in 2023 is both an indicator of his talent as well as the ability of this coaching staff to maximize said talent. If the staff can get the most out of Cushenberry, it's logical to think they could get the most out of someone like Forsyth. There have been rumors and reports that the only reason Forsyth fell to the 7th round instead of being picked in the 3rd-5th rounds was due to medical exams prior to the draft.

It helps that he snapped to Bo Nix at Oregon in 2022.