5 players skyrocketing up Broncos depth chart after first preseason game

- Young DL stepping up

- Rookie RB deserves more chances

- Written off WR making a comeback?

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2. Jaleel McLaughlin, running back

Head coach Sean Payton made it a point after the game on Friday when he was asked about rookie running back Jaleel McLaughlin that the rookie did fumble the football on one of his bigger plays, and considering the Broncos have McLaughlin 5th on their depth chart right now, nothing is being handed to the rookie. Payton needed to note the fumble because otherwise, McLaughlin looked really good in this game for the Broncos.

He had four carries for 20 yards (including a touchdown) and one reception for 12 yards. McLaughlin has sort of been the talk of training camp for the Broncos but they're not crowning him with anything just yet. McLaughlin was buried on the initial depth chart. Payton pointed out his fumble (the ball popped out at the sideline) after the game.

It kind of feels like the Broncos are trying to make sure nothing goes to McLaughlin's head. Heck, he even had a misprinted jersey nameplate.

To me, it looks like the Broncos are doing some subtle things to keep "McGlaughlin" humble, but maybe it's just all a coincidence.

3. Elijah Garcia, defensive line

Like I said before, this game presented a great opportunity for the defensive line, and a player like Elijah Garcia really benefits from the Broncos' current situation at that position group. Not only did he take advantage of his reps by knifing through the line of scrimmage, but he finished a couple of plays with impressive sacks.

He finished the game with three total tackles and the two sacks, but perhaps those splash plays will warrant throwing him in with the first or second defense. The Broncos are obviously getting a good look at Garcia in camp as well, but plays getting made in preseason games can ultimately be a catalyst for guys like this.